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Cheryl Ann Cole, nee Tweedy, is a singer-songwriter, dancer, fashion designer, author, and television personality. She first gained fame in the pop group Girls Aloud, and much later became a judge on the British reality television program X Factor (Simon Cowell's version of American Idol for Brits).

The top photo is Cheryl with her fawn long-hair chihuahua Buster before he was fully grown and developed his well-known fetish for her undies. The second photo (below) shows fawn Buster and Cheryl's older chi, a chubby shorthair black girl named Coco.

Cheryl told OK Celebrity News, "What I love to do in my free time is watch the British soaps and spend time with my little dogs. My perfect Sunday is sitting at home watching the omnibus of the soaps, drinking a cup of English breakfast tea with sugar and milk, eating biscuits, and snuggling my Chihuahuas!"

Buster and Coco

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