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Claudia Cardinale

Manager of the flemenco ballet dancer and choreographer Rafael Amargo, sincere animal welfare advocate Carmen Diaz Medina once wrote, "I have unconditional love for all the animals that have passed through my life. This does not extend to mankind."

Despite such an adamant statement, it is obvious as you look through her albums of family, friends, and pets, that she is a woman of enormous heart for people too. She seems to live and feel life and friendships extravagantly and with deep reflection, like an intellectual socialite.

At top are two photos of Carmen with her chihuahua Anakin Skywalker, both of 'em wearing expensive sunglasses, in her hometown of Madrid. This was during the Feast of Saint Anthony, patron of animals, at the San Anton church, in January of 2008. Father Juan Manuel Villar is about to provide Anakin with the Blessing of the Animals.

Claudia Cardinale

Anakin Skywalker Diaz is possibly Spain's most famous chihuahua, and despite being named for a male character in the Star Wars saga, Anakin is a girl. In the middle photo above she is taking a swim with her big sister Carmen.

In the final photo, Anakin is in the arms of flamenco dancer and choreographer Rafael Amargo, as singer-songwriter Manuel Molina sings to her. Is that cool or what?

There are scores of photos of this lovely dog at Anakin's personal facepage. So too Carmen's facepage is packed with photo albums including lots and lots of photos with Anakin, her doberman Diablo Pesky, and other dogs of her acquaintance. And finally, I've appended a video of Anakin, Diablo and Carmen on a stroll through a field.

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