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Rocky the chihuahua takes a pose (above) with David Boreanaz, star of such hit series' as Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997-2003), Angel (1999-2004), and Bones (2005-). David and his wife, actress Jaime Bergman, also have a big white lab named Buddha.

He has always been a great dog lover, though most of the dogs he's had during his life have been larger ones. He was even discovered by a talent scout while walking his dog in a Hollywood park.

The photo below is from several years ago in a PETA promotion, when David had Fritz and Bertha Blue. Bertha the lab always had one ear that stood up, and one ear that folded. Fritz is a powder puff Chinese crested, as opposed to a nearly hairless crested.

David, Bertha Blue, Fritz

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