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Demi and Ashton

Former underwear model and star of Punked and That Seventies Show, Ashton Kutcher, admitted in 2008, "I pee outside my house in my yard. I usually start my day off by taking the dogs out. When they go, I go; they mark their territory and I mark mine. It's a bonding experience."

But it was Ashton's wife Demi "G. I. Jane" Moore who was first to be a dog person. In 2003 while still courting Demi, Ashton's relationship with her dogs was not so limitlessly involving.

Demi's elderly dog Wonka had become incontinent and sometimes pooped in the house. "Dog poop grosses me out," said Ashton, and on one occasion, "The dog pooped, I stepped in it. I started gagging and throwing up. I couldn't handle it." But soon enough he could handle anything to do with the beloved critters.

These three photos show Ashton or Demi out and about with Vida Bleau, who is usually with them in L.A. even if the other dogs are left behind, indicating that Vida is the best behaved or calmest when beset by paparatzi or just the usual hubub of the city.

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