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In another "Chihuahua From Hell" episode of the Cesar Millan's The Dog Whisperer we met Amalie, a four year old and easily pissed off chihuahua mix.

Amalie dominated and terrorized Harley the hundred pound mastiff, and was threatening to her owners' infant son, Mason, snarly and snappy whenever Mason came near the dog's personal toys.

Cesar posits the possibility of making "even a baby" a pack leader, an absolute absurdity, and by the end of this sequence Cesar resolved nothing and said some pretty silly things.

Having been the family baby until this interloper child arrived, it's understandable that Amalie would feel especially protective of items like the favorite plushy dog-bone which equally intrigued Mason.

But even annoyed by Mason, Amalie remained curiously restrained, already aware that it would not be appropriate to bite him. This is what Cesar should've helped the family build on, Amalie's natural sense of responsibility within the pack.

Cesar is overly obsessed with the idea of pack leadership rather than of the ordered responsibility to the pack's overall well-being, which each member, including Amalie, instinctively feels. What Cesar repeatedly mistakes for alpha positioning is more accurately a valued position of responsibility and belonging that everyone, human or canine, ideally achieves.

Usually he makes a pretty good argument for his point of view, but this time anyone observant will realize the issues the family has been having with Amalie will never be resolved, in this case, by pretending the baby can be a pack leader, as the pack's responsibility is to protect infants, not obey them, and Cesar is defining something radically unnatural for any dog.

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