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Cesar Milan's second-most famous "chihuahua from hell" (after Nunu) was originally called El Diablo, but was renamed Sammy Davis, Jr., to help change the human attitude around him, as no one expects the best from a dog called The Devil.

This dog's demon-possessed behavior got him dumped off in a shelter that generally specialized in abused or unwanted pit bulls. So when Cesar was first contacted by the Luv-a-Bull rescue organization for assistance, he assumed it was about a troublesome bully.

"I saw all of these beautiful pit bulls mingling perfectly. So I asked, 'How can I help you? All your pit bulls here are amazing!'

"And the woman says, 'Didn't they tell you? It's him!' and she pointed to a Chihuahua in the corner.

El Diablo had completely terrorized and dominated a shelter full of pitbulls! "He was bullying the Bullies" reported Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan, who was witness to the cowering fear the big dogs felt toward El Diablo, who had been refusing to let any of them close to the food.

All of the pit bulls would move up against the wall whenever El Diablo passed by. The poor pit bulls were terrified. Cesar noted, "I never in a million years would have thought that such a small, fat, arthritic dog could accomplish such a thing!"

The ill-tempered "tiny terror" was brought to L.A. for Cesar to rehabilitate, with the expected outcome of learning to be a likeable well behaved dog and a very happy Sammy. During the process, The Dog Whisperer location manager Rich Mercer (shown below holding Sammy) fell in love with Sammy, who in consequence became a permanent part of Millan's extended family.

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