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Officially the tiniest members of the Cesar Millan pack is Minnie, a chihuahua-wirehair mix. For the first two months in the household, it was a struggle to keep her from hiding under the bed and other furniture.

She was way too shy, watchful, and trembling. Ilusion (top left with Minnie) and Cesar (top right with Minnie) put her through "puppy exercise" activities twice a day for about fifteen minutes each time, with the goal of raising her comfort levels.

Slowly Minnie left her mistrustful worries behind, to the point of being very easily taken to charity events and the like.

In the top pair of photos, Minnie Millan is shown at two different events to raise moneys for dog shelters.

She has learned to socialize with other dogs in the neighborhood besides everyone who is most familiar. Minnie has a Facebook page whereon she personally raises funds to help dogs!

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