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Elijah Wood

Elijah Wood (star of Lord of the Rings) in the top-most photo with his Thai-American girlfriend Pamela Racine, walking about New York's Soho neighborhood, with matching chihuahuas. In the second photo, Elijah walks one of the chis alone.

The chihuahuas actually belong to Pamela, a dancer and drummer in the band Gogol Bordello. She and Elijah met while he was fiilming of Everything is Illuminated (2005) and remained an item long after.

It's been said that Elijah is himself "the person version of a chihuahua." He has been outspoken on issues of animal rescue, and after the 2010 Chilean earthquake participated in Chile's leading rescue organization Yarur Bascunan Foundation assisting the thousands of dogs that were suddenly homeless.

The video below shows him on a Chilean television program in a discussion of pet rescue. He spends the first couple minutes just being a deer (or deer-head chi) in the headlights, but eventual does the dog spiel.

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