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Dmitry "Goblin" Puchkov is a film scholar, English-to-Russian video game translator, screenwriter, satirist, author of the book Dungeon Cleaners (1999), and voice-over artist for many dubbed-into-Russian Hollywood films, most of them pirated but very popular, so that he is known as the king of the Russian pirated video industry.

His "unofficial" but very popular redub of Lord of the Rings turned it into a gangster movie, with a two-volume pirated book set to go with the dvd set. Frodo was turned into a bumbling/comedic Russian cop named Frodo the Bag Man who curses like "a filthy thug." Gandalf spends much of his time trying to impress everyone with his scholarly understanding of Karl Marx.

The public loves him. Copyright attorneys and legal owners of the creative properties hate his guts.Officially subtitled versions of films tend to be so hideously inept in the writing that the public makes the pirate versions the standard, and it was only a matter of time before Goblin personally became a beloved celebrity.

He gained his nickname when he was a senior police officer in St. Petersburg. After a newspaper article called his violent crew "Globins in military uniforms," they took to calling each other Goblins. Puchkov was initially Senior Detective Goblin ("Starshiy Operupolnomocheniy Goblin"), later redacted to Goblin when he first started dubbing films illegally and didn't want his real name on the work.

In these photos he's playing with the chihuahua who which he is devoted. Even back when he was a dangerous cop, he started out as a handler in the canine unit.


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