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Jackie WarnerExercise guru and out dyke Jackie Warner appeared in a Work Out Magazine spread with her chihuahuas Lima and Picchu, who are always with her at her fitness center.

Jackie has warned clients, "Anyone who comes to my gym has got to like dogs." She says her chis have taught her important life lessons, such as "Caring without wanting anything in return."

She says, "No matter how you feel -- your ups, your downs, your sadness, your depression -- it's never nearly as bad when you get a pet that you bond with and love, because you have something else to take care of.

"You just can't get too depressed when you have this beautiful little puppy face looking up at you constantly. I love my two dogs. I take them everywhere. They come to work with me every day." [Magazine cover and portrait below by Christopher Ameruoso.]

Jackie Warner

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