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Jodie MarshEnglish actress/model, reality television star, and "sexpert" columnist Jodie Marsh was the star of the British reality mini-series Jodie Marsh: Who'll Take Her Up the Aisle? (2007), and the 2006 season of Celebrity Big Brother. She first gained notoriety after appearing in the documentary Essex Wives (2002).

In the above photo she hugs her chihuahuas Baby and Bean at a charity event for dogs. She has four chihuahuas and two bulldogs.

In the second photo are five of Jodie's dogs. The long-hair chi is Ms. Teddy the Queen Mother. Tommy (also shown in photo at right) is the black chi wrapping himself around fawn colored Bean. The cream chihuahua is Baby, or Babs. The boxer is Patrick Reginald Marsh, aka "Paddy, "My man."

Jodie Marsh

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