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Kaley and Petey

Kaley Cuoco, leading lady in the sitcom The Big Bang Theory, with her chihuahua/dachshund mix Petey, a rescue dog. In an interview with Kate Woodviolet, Kaley said, "I've been an animal lover since I can remember. We always had animals since I was very little. We now have dogs and horses and can't wait for our future adoptions. Dogs are truly amazing -- they love you no matter what."

Kaley continues: "It is so so so important to rescue your animals. There are so many out there who need homes! So many sad, mistreated dogs need our love, so we need to support the small rescues that take care of them. It's hard to find the funding for so many animals, that's why donating and volunteering are so important. The animals just want a little love!"

Kaley and Petey
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