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Above right, Katharine McFee disembarks at the airport, with her two chihuahuas in a bag. The lower, littler head is Larry's. The alert dominatrice is Nina. The photo above left is a smiling Katharine with Nina.

"I'm codependent on them. Sometimes Nick (her husband) rolls his eyes. He says, 'They're little security blankets for her.' I try not to bring them everywhere because I don't want to be that girl, like, 'Oh she was nice, but God, she brings those dogs everywhere. She's so L.A.' It's really a comforting thing and I just love them. They just make me really, really happy."

The singer goes unexpectedly blonde in the photos below, perhaps to better match the color of her dogs. On the bottom-right, she's holding Nina. On the left she's holding Nina and Larry.

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