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Kyle MacLachlan

Kyle MacLachlan is the star of such films as Blue Velvet (1986), Dune (1984), The Hidden (1987), and such television shows as Sex in the City (2000-2002) and Desparate Housewives (2006-present).

The middle photo shows Kyle holding Mookie above his head. Mookie is Jack Russell terrier. Her sibling is Sam (topmost photos), who is is chihuahua/yorkie/wirehair terrier mix, and looks mostly chihuahua except for the wiry fur.

Mookie and Sam

One mark of how devotedly in love with his dogs Kyle happens to be is that he and his wife, fashion publicist and television producer Disiree Gruber, "waste" a lot of time making hysterical home movies with them, and posting them on the web as The Mookie and Sam Show.

The first episode is embedded below. After this little video wins you over, you can find others at youtube.

Mookie and Sam's Website

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