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Infant beauty queen since age one, and participant at age four on the TLC reality series Toddlers and Tiaras, the ickilly named and violently revolting "Little Eden" tortures her chihuahua Baby Junior.

Her evil and camera-hogging mother Nicky Wood has to do most of the talking for her, as Little Eden has the intellect of a bullfrog on amphetamines, hopping about irritatingly and throwing tantrums and answering even the simplest questions with non sequitors if allowed to speak, the while shaking Baby Junior so hard the little dog is lucky not to have died of shaken-baby syndrome.

One imagines the "proud" mother who created this monster at a future time driving her pick-up truck slowly through the hooker district looking for her dearly beloved and totally fucked up teenager, still mugging on streetcorners selling twenty dollar B-Js, still hoping someone will say how pretty she is.

Her two interviews on Inside Edition went viral exclusively because of the dog torture, and Baby Junior was hailed as "The most patient dog in the world." We'll hope it was patience and not that the poor thing was semi-comatose from the abuse.

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