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Manolo Cardona poses with Papi, one of his co-stars in Beverly Hills Chihuahua (2008). The Columbian actor played Papi's fellow landscaper working together to make gardens spectacular for spoiled rich people. Below is a scene with Manolo, Papi, Jesus Ochoa, and Piper Perabo.

He's also well known to the Spanish-speaking public for his Telemundo soap opera Marina (2006-2007), which he produced himself, and for roles in such films as the Goya Award nominee La mujer de mi Hermano (2005) and Contracorrientnte (2009), both serious films about closeted homosexuality, and the gangster series El Cartel de los Sapos (2008-) which has had the highest ratings of any Columbian television drama.

Manolo Cardona

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