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Canadian-born film actress Mara Marina is best loved for her roles as sexy vampires and scream queens in B horror films. Above, she is shown with her beloved chihuahua Monroe.

There are two more photos of Monroe below, and the guy next to Mara is her husband Sean Wing, who shares the chihuahua-love, and is himself an actor who regularly pops up as a guest-star in prime-time dramas like Melrose Place, NCIS: Los Angeles, Medium, Cold Case, The O.C. and so on.

Mara says, "I cannot survive without knowing I have a little ball of happiness to come home to. Monroe is my little chihuahua. But I have always had some kind of animal growing up. I hid a rabbit and a hedgehog from my parents, in my closet, when I was ten. I just love all animals."

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