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Young actress and singer Stefanie Scott's first film was the dog movie Beethoven's Big Break (2008). She's also in Rob Reiner's comedy Flipped (2010) and in televison programs.

Stefanie has a mean cat named Tinkie, a bijon named Frosty, and a long-haired chihuahua named Mocha Latte "who can do a whole bunch of tricks. Like the other day we were at the park and I threw her ball and she can just bring it back to me, sit down and drop the ball. One of my favorite tricks that I taught her was how to dance. I put my arm in the air in front of me and shell just stand up on both of her backs legs and start turning around. Its really funny."

These photos of Mocha are by Stefanie herself, arranged in tableaus faithful to the imagination of a creative girl.

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