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Guys often joke about chihuahuas being yappy nasty psychotic rat-dogs undeserving of the love and affection women so easily lavish upon them. That is, until they actually get to know one. Then they become easily as slobbering devoted as any tongue-kissing misses and her her pup. Here's a typical tale of that kind.

Ziggy's name was originally Snowflake, an abandoned dog that arrived at the Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation which rescues abused and abandoned animals in the L.A. area. The snow white chihuahua had undergone obvious abuse, and was in need of a costly operation.

Linda Blair contacted celebrity pet photographer Christopher Ameruoso (who took the topmost photo above) for help finding a willing home. And who should Christopher cajole in to coming to the rescue but stage and film character actor and magician Steve Valentine, who has played such roles as Nigel Townsend in the television series Crossing Jordan.

Steve was filming an episode of I'm in the Band (2009) with Disney when he adopted Ziggy. When working, it can be an all-day thing, at a time when a new dog needs the most affection to resettle and feel safe and wanted. Fortunately the studio is very pet friendly, and Steve was allowed to bring Ziggy with him every day. The studio even has a secure area with a grassy run for the dogs of the cast and crew.

Ziggy lvoes chasing a laser beam, and will sing on cue, a talent he taught himself while accompanying Steve on his vocal warm-ups on the way to work. He sleeps with Steve, tucked under his left armpit

Prior to adopting Ziggy, Steve thought people who were obsessed with their dogs and made photo albums of them and brought them into every social engagement were completely goofy. But now he has dozens of pictures of Ziggy on his iphone to show any willing person, takes Ziggy with him to red carpet events, and obsesses about his dog on his blog.

He'd previously been a cat person. And maybe it had been his recent divorce that made him so susceptible to the unconditional love of a chihuahua. Or just maybe chihuahuas really are great.

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Steve Valentine

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