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Japanese rock star Gackt had a longhair mini-dachsy he was uncommonly fond of, obsessively one might say, and upon the death of Belle (pronounced by Japanese "Beru") the girlish rocker went into an intense period of grief.

J-rockers are generally eccentric because spoiled, attractive, and popular at such young ages it's hardly surprising it all goes to their heads. Gackt may additionally have been just a bit nutty to begin with.

In the midst of his grieving, he became convinced his younger dog, a chihuahua/shi tzu mix named Ener (or Eneru), was communicating with the spirit of Belle in heaven.

Furthermore, Gackt became equally convinced he could personally communicate with Eneru, who informed him that Belle wanted her memory honored by putting her lovely friend Eneru in children's manga (comics) and anime (cartoons) that would promote ecological causes, and educate on the fight against global warming.

Well, crazy as it is to believe so strongly he's getting messages through Eneru from Belle in the Great Beyond, it's nice that he's begun using some of his wealth and popularity and nuttiness for a good cause.

Eneru is now the "star" of the on-line anime, Ener's Big Adventure (2008) which indeed promotes environmental causes. The pair of photos below show pretty-pretty Gackt on one side, and a plush-toy of Eneru on the right. And You can visit this link to experience animated Eneru on the web; do it, as this is so bizarro it's great:

Ener's Big Adventure


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