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Idaho camper Denise Mistwhite was attacked by a grizzly bear, facing certain death in the remote Salmon River Mountains. But out of a picnic basket leapt a three-year-old six-pound chihuahua to the rescue!

Princess attached herself to the grizzly's testicles and hung on for dear life. The bear tried to shake the dog off, and when she was finally flung aside, she still had the bear's well-gnawed testes in her teeth.

The grizzly ran off and was later found by forest rangers a mile away, dead from bloodloss around his nuts.

"She didn't care how much bigger he was than her," said the Boise doglover. The woman required 116 stiches and recovered fully.

A veteran forest ranger said, "In 22 years, I've never seen a single dog that small bring down a grizzly. That plucky little chihuahua has got to be the bravest canine in the world."

If any of that tale of the chihuahua who ripped off a grizzly bear's nuts sounds like urban folklore, well yeah.

It was first reported in 2004 in the Weekly World News, and retold on the web without source. Weekly World News boasts that it is "the world's only reliable news source since 1976" but with tongue firmly inn cheak since it is an intentionally goofy supermarket tabloid.

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