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Jayne Mansfield once said, "I'd like ten more babies, ten more chihuahuas, and a few Academy Awards."

Jayne MansfieldShe went on a whirlwind tour of Europe in 1964 and attended the 17th Cannes Film Festival in 1964. This was a busy year for her in film and television appearances.

While walking along the piers at Cannes, Jayne and a merle chi encountered the terrible band Rocky Roberts and the Airedales performing by the water.

As seen in screen-captures above, she was filmed doing the twist (or in France the "monkey-bird").

Rocky's dipshit band doesn't want to end the song if Jayne's going to keep dancing, but they have zero ability to play anything but the same three or four notes over and over and over and over. Gads they sucked, as you can assess for yourself if you follow the link to youtube.

The clip of Jayne dancing with the merle chi was part of a documentary of her European tour, issued four years later as The Wild, Wild World of Jayne Mansfield (1968), a minor classic of sexploitation.

In the photographs below, and right, snapped that same week at Cannes, Jayne poses with an entirely different chihuahua, so she was travelling with at least two.

Jayne Mansfield

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