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Jayne Mansfield

More photos of Jayne Mansfield posing (topmost) or relaxing (middle) with her chihuahuas, and (below) in the garden with a chihuahua and her daughter Jayne Marie.

When Jayne died in the terrible car crash on June 29, 1967, two of her beloved chihuahuas, golden fawns Precious Jewel and Emerald, died with her. Two other chihuahuas, Dorothy and Cow, survived the crash, as did her children in the back seat who miraculously got out with only scratches.

Jayne obtained Precious and Emerald from a well-known chihuahua advocate and dog-book writer, Hilary Harmar of Surrey. But the film star hadn't actually given Harmar the payment before leaving England.

Soon after Jayne's death Harmar began harassing the family for the unpaid debt, but since the two dogs never got home to L.A., the estate executor seems not to have taken the debt seriously.

Jayne Mansfield

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