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Actress of stage and screen, June Havoc, rose from her childhood status as a vaudeville performer, to Broadway star of the likes of Rogers and Hart's Pal Joey and Hollywood star of such as Gentleman's Agreement (1947) and My Sister Eileen (1942). Her actual sister was Gypsy Rose Lee, the burlesque dancer turned movie star, who had Chinese crested.

June was a great animal lover and long had scruffy miniature poodle (photo below), and a tucan, besides the pets in the photo above: She clutches a yorkie and a chihuahua (and in the basket, her Persian cat Sam), in a publicity pose on 21 January 1956, intended to suggest she was going to drive with her pets and all that stuff in the backseat all the way from New York City to Hollywood. Likely she drove to the train station instead.

June Havoc

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