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Bathing beauty postcard circa 1915, of the Mack Sennett silent film star Marie Prevost (1898-1937), with her chihuahua. A dog lover as well as a flapper and a comedienne, she was on other occasions photographed with a German shepherd, a terrier, and a pekinese. Not to mention a famous photo of her walking a goose on a leash.

At the time of her tragic death (of alcoholism and self-starvation, after having lost her career due to depression and obesity) she was survived by a dachshund named John Kelly. Little J-K purportedly ate some of her before neighbors reported the persistent barking. An inaccuracy-ridden ballad of Marie Prevost by Nick Lowe, which ended:
"The cops came in and they looked around
Throwin' up everywhere over what they found
The handiwork of Marie's little dachshund
That hungry little dachshund
She was a winner
Who became a dog's dinner
Oh, poor Marie."
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