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A Marilyn Monroe impersonator models with sundry small dogs, including a couple of chihuahuas.

The photo was taken at a shoot promoting doggy clothes designs by Heather Caraballo, who has also been one of America's most in-demand Marilyn impersonators, and a long-time collector of Marilyn memorabilia. So it came natural to her to create the "Marilyn Monroe dresses for dogs" line, based on Marilyn's actual wardrobe.

The fashion designer has a chihuahua of her own, Daisy May. "I have always had a strong love for animals, and fashion as well, so opening an online dog boutique was the perfect way to combine the two enthusiasms." Here's her website:

The Pink Hot Dog

And for added amusement, I append a portrait of a Marilyn impersonating chihuahua belonging to Mary Watkins.


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