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This one photo obviously hit a lot of people's funnybone,
as it is reproduced dozens of times all over the web,
virtually never with a proper credit.
I'm happy to have at last uncovered the photo's origin.

Toupee Dog is named Chuey. This accidently brilliant photo
is just a random snapshot taken for Chuey's myspace page, his owner
having permitted Chuey to keep his own blog.
The page is no longer being updated, but still exists.

I hope Chuey's owner realizes how famous this one photo has become.
I've included a second photo (below) of Chuey napping with his owner,
and a link to still more.
More Pictures of Chuey

And finally but not leastilly,
Chuey the Toupee Dog is additionally one of the stars
in this delightfully ridiculous amateur cartoon
which has offended some people but hey, if they can't take a joke:
Talking Poop Cartoon for World Peace

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