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Above) A chiweenie, occasionally called a Mexican hotdog, is a "designer dog" or "mutt" half chihuahua and half dachshund. This one was named Bunny, for the dachshund blood gave it ears bigger than a chihuahua's, while the chihuahua in her made the earsss stand up rather than flop.

Below) Paul the Chiweenie peed on the floor and his owner, Richard Metzger, put him in the corner like this, and told him to stay. Every time he moved, he was told "Get back!" and he'd go back to this position.

His owner got to preparing dinner and forgot about Paul. When Tara got home she immediately asked, "What's he doing there?" They had a sad-pathetic-funny laugh at poor Paul, and let him out of the corner.

He clearly knew he'd done something wrong and this was punishment. So the next day, when he peed on the floor again, he went immediately into the corner, either punishing himself, or thinking this was what he was supposed to do after peeing on the floor. [Paraphrased from Richard's Dangerous Minds blog.]

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