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Whether or not it ever happens, an Australian production company plans to make a stereoscopic digital 3D animated movie with a chihuahua hero, tentatively titled Manhattan's Best Friend, so far still only in pre-production.

The plot of the tale regards "an A-List pedigree pooch" named Goochi, the purse-chihuahua of an New York city supermodel. When Goochi finds himself lost in a ghetto neighborhood with gangster rats planning world domination, it's up to the litttle dog to save the entire human race.

A few sample sequences have been completed to show to potential investors for the intended film, or just to show clients what they're capable of in getting other animation business unrelated to the film.

The still above is from one of the finished sample sequences. The photo below is a promotonal image that could be adapted to a poster.

Manhattan's Best Friend

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