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Hood of Horror

Top-acting chihuahua, buggy-eyed Cricketm appears in a number of films, including Snoop Dogg's Hood of Horror (2006). This anthology of three tales, excellent rap music soundtrack, and a bit of anime knitting the tales together, is pretty well done if like me you enjoy crappy horror films, and this one has quite an amazing cast (such as Ozzie Davis, Danny Trejo, Ernie Hudson, Billy Dee Williams, etc).

The middle story is about a murdering, racist, white trash couple who inherit a big house where four elderly Vietnam vets live and find themselves being run out of house and home. When the vets have had enough, they rise up in arms to achieve a horrible vengeance -- and Cricket helps. In one of the film stills you'll see Cricket getting a snack from the remains of Tiffany.

Hood of Horror

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