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The Concorde: Airport '79! (1979) was third in a trilogy of disaster films that began with Airport (1970), this time seeking suspense with passangers on a translantic supersonic passenger jet, and demonizing animal activists as the sorts of people who'd gladly kill a jetload of rich people, and their little dog too.

Real-life chihuahua fan "Charo" the coochi-coochi gal pads out the cast as the rich lady who didn't want her chihuahua in the cargo hold like a mere animal. "This is not an average dog. This is my seeing eye dog." "Seeing eye dogs are usually German Sheppards." "You mean he's not?"

Charo and the chihuahua have only about one minute of screen time, and it's not much of a boast to note that it's the best minute in the film.

Airport '79

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