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Big Top Winkle

This is fuzzy little Mr. Winkle, a chihuahua-mix. No one knows what all may have gone into his genetic make-up, but part of the mix has to be pomeranian (for fur texture) and likely shi tzu (for shortened face and fur color). His unusual ears make him look more like a teddy bear than a dog. Whether bear or dog, it's sometimes hard to believe he's real, but he is.

The above two stills are from Mr. Winkle's first starring film role, Big Top Winkle (2007) in which he runs away to join the circus. Although apparently lacking an American dvd release as yet, the 45-minute film made the Film Festival rounds when it was new, and was a recipient of 2007's Best Short Film for its age group from the National Association for Quality in Children's Media.

Big Top Winkle (2007) was directed by Mr. Winkle's owner Lara Jo Regan. It is a 45 minute children's film. The dvd cover (below) is for its release in Japan, where Mr. Winkle plushies and books are popular, where Mr. Winkle made a number of television appearances, and where cute is especially marketable.

Mr. Winkle had to retire in 2007 due to old age, and guest-stints are now being done by his son, Winkle Junior. But Mr. Winkle with his tongue perpetually poking out and his close resemblance to a living teddy bear is simply irreplaceable.

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