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Killer Chihuahua

Killer Chihuahua (2008) directed by Steve Kahan is a episodic on-line video film about Steve, his chocolate chihuahua Cyndi, and his jealousy-inducing girlfriend Katy Dolle (their real names), all of it demented and very funny.

It's a delightful serial of a dog that is intelligent and brave and yet is an unholy devil suffering from toy dog syndrome, confident she's the alpha and Steve her pup, and all outsiders are the enemy. And Cyndi would clearly kill Katy if she could.

Steve's so nuttily devoted to the insane little animal that he eats at the table with her and washes her butt after she goes to the bathroom. She loves it when he moose-fart-suckles at her tiny teats. He has no ability to see his obsession for Cyndi is destroying his chance of a human relationship, which is of course just the way Cyndi wants it.

There are also an "extras" among the episodes, an hysterical music video starring Cyndi, Techno Chihuahua, and the amazing "Tasty or Terrible" game. This serial should be out on dvd!

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