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Above) Yang Jeong-ah listening to music with her chihuahua co-star in The Man Who Can't Marry (2009). Yang Jeong-ah's career was launched in 1993 when she was Miss Korea. The chihuahua, Shangqui, belongs to the male lead (Jin-hee Ji), and his love of the little dog has made him immune to the advances of the leading lady, in this South Korean remake of a Japanese film that featured a pug rather than a chihuahua.

Below) On the right, Jin-hee Ji bends down to his soul-mate, the chihuahua Sangqui. Jin-hee Ji had a cameo appearance in the American film The Dark Knight (2008), but is known mainly in Asia for his appearances in teledramas. On the left, Yang Jeong-ah poses with Sangqui during a promotional appearance for the film about a girl who falls in love with a guy much too enamored of his chihuahua.

Men Can't Marry

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