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Ping! (2000) directed by Chris Baugh is about the life of a homeless chihuahua who gets adopted by a rich old lady (Shirley Jones). Ethel's nearsighted and thinks she adopted a cat.

PingWhen thieves (Judge Reinhold and Clint Howard) decide to rob the rich old lady, it's up to Ping to save the day.

Ping is voiced not terribly well by Brian Donovan, and a script that didn't require Ping to be talking to himself would've been a lot more effective I'd wager.

The snares and devices Ping builds or rigs up with ropes and knots and catapults and whatnot are all created off-screen, as none of it is even slightly plausible, though for preschool viewers it might be credible enough.

It has much less to offer adults, so it's definitely little-kids viewing more than it is family viewing. Story wise, it's Home Alone (1990) but with a very cute chihuahua instead of a very annoying child.


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