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Sleeping Dogs Lie; also known as Stay (2006) was written and directed by Bobcat Goldthwaite. It will delight many a doglover, and horrify many another doglover. Nothing yucky actually happens on screen, but sufficiently implied, you'll think you saw it.

It's about a young woman who once, and once only, back in college, gave her dog a blowjob. She thought it was kind of funny, but mostly even she thought it was gross, but hey, she was young.

These few years later, though, she's engaged to a man who claims to believe in abject honesty and wants each of them to tell the other something they've never told anyone before. And so goes our heroine's life into a trashcan of emotional horror, shame, and punishment.

And for all that the shame and terribleness is powerful stuff, it's still very funny, but also richly human and in its own way completely moral and decent. Anyone who gets by that initial premise will really care about all these characters, and occasionally laugh out loud.
Late in the film we're introduced to a chihuahua, though it's hardly more than a bit part performed bo appears in y "JD" (short for Jack Daniels) who belongs to dog trainer Candy Clemente.

Sleeping Dogs Lie

Toward the end we meet a chihuahua named Cowboy. He's only got two scenes and both are just seconds-long. Here are shots of Cowboy, who has sometimes been referred to as Cowboy the Wonder Dog, played by "JD" (for "Jack Daniels").

JD's owner and trainer is Kathryn Segura, author of the memoir Hollywood Barks! (2009), and whose dogs are mostly rescues, including the heroine's college dog.

Though we don't get to see JD much in this film, he's actually quite a smart little fellow who knows how to skateboard. He's only seven inches tall and will on command do such things as sit, speak, chase his tail, beg, wave with paw, take an object, fetch a frisbee, and much else.

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