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On the left above is a pottery dog of the Quapaw culture which lived in Arkansas by the early 1500s and survived into historical times.

The usual form of these dogs is called "Dog Effigy Teapot" though of course they had nothing to do with tea, but may have been regarded gourd or squash form by the Quapaw themselves, and certainly it emulates the chubby Colima dogs of Mexico.

The face of this dog seems to be in transformation to the dragon type, but the tail is definitively the dog type, with a sun symbol not associated with the dragon. This is now in the David Bogle Museum of Native American History in Bentonville, Arkhansas.

Top right is shown a seven inch tall two-headed dog found in Lee County, Arkansas. This North American pot is distinct from the Central American two-headed dogs in that it has two tail-spouts as wekk as two heads; two-headded pottery dogs from Colima, Mexico, do not have tails.

On the bottom right is a gray polychromed Quapaw dog effigy "teapot" found in Phillips Cunty, Arkansas. It is a Late Quapaw Culture artifact, now in the Kangas Collection of American and International Folkart of Concord, Ohio. Several very similar objects in museums have been tagged as "bears" but could as easily be dogs.

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