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The creature on the previous page that looks like a moldy potato-sausage wasn't Jabba Jr. at all, but Archie from Arizona, a repeat contestant and one-time winner of the big World's Ugliest Dog contest in 2006.

The Chinese Crested is the breed that has dominated the contest and Archie dethroned Sam, the crested that won the year before. In 2009 a breed that was not a crested finally won -- though fact is the cresteds were uglier, but judges must've been weary of always crowning one.

Archie is missing a lot of teeth so that his oversized tongue lolls out continuously, a deformity common to the breed when poorly bred or even if just poorly cared for and they lose a lot of their odd teeth. All cresteds have weak little needle teeth and lack crushing teeth.

Heather Peoples loves Archie, a rescue dog that the shelter had such a hard time placing him that rather than charge Heather the usual adoption fee, they paid her $10 to take him away. She's never regretted it, as Archie's a loving dog.

"In winter he wears a little sweater. Once a woman thought my husband was carrying a small child. When she got a good look at him, she screamed in horror." Archie died in 2008.

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