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Look at that doggy's stern expression! You can tell he's a law-and-order sort of guy. In December of 2007, ten inch tall Tink, whose name was at first widely reported as being Tank (a better name!), was a tiny chihuahua-pomeranian mix who proved to possess a mastiff's courage when he spotted one of four suspects in a police pursuit.

Christmas day bandit Marvin Gonzales had crawled under a motorhome next door to where Tink lived in Auburn, California. The dog went after the hoodlum, who crawled out the other side of the trailer and hightailed it into the woods, Tink in pursuit.

By then Tink's family the Andersons were directing Placer County deputies to were the teency dog had cornered the thief, who reportedly "gave up without a whimper."

Due to a typographical error on the wire service, Tink's name was widely misreported as being "Tank." Given her skill in bringing down a crook, many would agree Tank's a cooler name.

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