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Austin Rescue

Malnourished chihuahuas with hip problems, heart problems, worms, neurological issues, and every conceivable sign of neglect, were rescued from a breeder who released them voluntarily, in May of 2010, to the Austin Humane Society, in exchange for not being charged with felony animal abuse.

Some of the dogs required only oral medication and a good diet to recover. Others will need surgery. Some of them would certainly have died of their untreated illnesses if the Humane Society hadn't learned of these dogs' plight.

The dog on the right in the topmost photo is Princess , whose life just got a bazillion times better. She and a dozen other chihuahaus constituted one of Austin's biggest dog abuse cases, though elsewhere in Texas (in the largely redneck parts of the state) vastly larger puppy mills and accumulations by hoarders have been rescued at pretty much regular intervals, as it's a state disease.

As inbred dogs raised in such poor conditions, they may never be the healthiest examples of chihuahuas, and three of this group will need an extended health-stay at the Society. But the other ten were healthy enough to offer for adoptioin the following Saturday after their confiscation. Humane Society Director of Development Coordinator Amanda Ryan-Smith said, "When we opened the doors, there were more than 50 people here, ready and wanting to meet those Chihuahuas."

One of the prospective adopters was Gracie Gonzalez who brought her brown-and-tan chihuahua Rex to see how he would interact with a new chihuahua. In the photos below, Rex is getting to know Koga, the black chihuahua. Though Koga was not as well socialized as would be ideal, Rex seemed very interested, and Gonzales said, "I think it's going to work out well." So long-neglected dogs were on their ways to loving homes.

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