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Brianna Bartolone left her chihuahua, six month old Lola, alone in her boyfriend's truck, with toys spread out for her, as she joined her family in a bakery cafe. She worried about Lola and soon went back to check on her. In that small amount of time, the truck had been broken into.

"I felt so helpless and upset," said Brianna. "I didn't even care about the purse." She filed a police report but there didn't seem to be much hope. The next day fliers went up with a $1,000 reward offered for the return of Lola.

She had to sleep with her mother at night, because she couldn't bare her own bed without Lola curled up at her neck. She could barely sleep, and barely eat. Brianna said, "Those people took more than my belongings. They took my baby."

The cops later called the teenager and asked her to come down for further questioning. When she arrived, they handed her Lola, and photographed the reunion. The dog had been recovered from the house of a relative of one of the thieves. "I ran and grabbed her and hugged and kissed her," Brianna said. "I could tell she was happy, too."

The two thieves -- Andres Garcia and of Los Angeles and his girlfriend Alexandra Hernandez -- had been responsible for a string of auto burglaries in South Bay.


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