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Above) In July 2008, Chachi went missing, and Florida resident Robert Bartman, age 30, was heartsick at the loss.

Months past. Then, early in May of the following year, he got a phonecall. Chachi had been found in Ohio! How he got hundreds of miles from where he disappeared remains a mystery. But thanks to microchipping, man and dog were soon reuinited.

As soon as the crate came off the plane, "He started scratching at the cage. I picked him up and he was licking me all over, anywhere he could find a spot! It was great."

Robert had inherited the dog after the tragic death of his mother in a car accident, and said, "He really helped me when I was going through tough times. Being able to have him back is a big thing for me. It's a blessing."

Below) Rollo, an elderly blind chihuahua, skittered out of the house, eager despite his handicap to explore the streets of Miranda, Australia.

His owner, Paulie Guarino, age 22, has Downs syndrome with many other health issues. Rollo was his only consolation, so he was beside himself with misery.

Paulie's mom searched for the dog for two days before a neighbor admitted it had been picked up by an animal shelter, where infirm animals were pretty quickly put down. She got to the shelter barely on time, only to discover that they demanded $500 for him to be altered, microchipped, and only then released to her.

"We don't have that much money and Rolly wouldn't have survived the operation anyway. He's very old."

The effing kill-shelter finally agreed to take $190 instead, without killing the dog demanding the unnecessary operation. Mrs. Guarino called all her family members to raise the $190. "Paul's so glad to have him back," she reported.


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