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A young mother, Elizabeth, kept some ginger snaps on the seat of the car so they'd be handy for her infant's teething. But one day the cookie bag was on the floor and the cookies were gone. And chipmunks had moved in under the dashboard.

In one of the photos, the mom is banging on the dashboard with her fist trying to get the chipmunks to leave, while her chihuahua Pearl chills out. She told Pearl to "get 'em! Get the chipmunks!" and Pearl decided to check out the underside of the dashboard. Hearing the chipmunks rustling about in the interior, Pearl became more involved with the search, not that it did any good.

In days to come the chippers would smartly evade a Have-a-Heart trap put in the car, so they had to resort to mouse traps, which worked (with chicken nuggets as bait). Sad to have to kill the little bastards, but they refused to go peaceably.

This happened many years ago and the stay-at-home mom says of Pearl, "I still miss her." The family now has a Boston terrier, Sophie.

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