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Coco Banana

Coco Banana had just been tossed over the fence when she was very pregnant, cruelly abandoned by who-knows-who. Just look at her in that third photo all preggers and wanting her belly rubbed. How could somebody just toss her out?

She bore the pups at the Rainbow Animal Shelter in Stephensville, Texas, and all the pups were spoken for by the time they were a week old, with Coco herself just waiting to wean her kids before going to her new permanent home where, we can be pretty sure, she'll finally have a happy-ever-after.

But that's scarsely all there is to her story; for, not long after she gave birth, the shelter acquired an orphaned kitten. Coco Banana adopted it to raise with her six puppies. They all opened their eyes on the same day in June 2009.

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