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Conan the Zen chihuahua at at the Shuri Kannondo Temple on Okinawa Island prays at least five times daily, before each of his two daily meals, and before he goes on his three daily walks.

When Conan first attracted news coverage in 2008, when he was two years old, visitors to the Temple increased by thirty-percent. Master Joei said, "I'm glad that people feel more comfortable visiting the temple because of Conan." Many have come to believe if Conan is not knowingly praying for world peace, he nevertheless inspires it by his apparent devotion.

He participates in Okinawa dance festivals and parades, and everyone wants their picture taken with him to keep as a good luck token, an ambassador for all of Okinawa as well as the Temple.

ConanHe's greeted in the restaurants an shops of Naha or anywhere Master Yoshikuni brings him, and he's often to be seen in Naha's off-leash park playing with other dogs.

He lives an especially rich life and seems to have some understanding of his status, being always ready to strike a pose for local and tourist photographers, being always photogenic.

Far too many special bags of treats are presented to the Temple for Conan, who would have to live to be a thousand years old to eat them all, so many of these offerings go to assist needier dogs.

The treats prepared for Conan by the monks have beautiful presentation and healthful ingredients, an example of which shown in-text with the treat on a banana leaf and tiny saucer.

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