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Oh no, you may not want to read this one, as your heart might break. That absolutely gorgeous chihhuahua (above) was used for the illustrative portion of this horrifying news report which circulated around the globe.

The only thing that almost makes it barable is to note this is a stock photo fobbed off as a picture of the victim. The event is from December 2009; the photo has been around for years longer than that. So we're not really looking at the cutest doomed dog imaginable.

The actual chihuahua in question was only ten months old when it became a victim of a larger domestic abuse situation. A Brooks-area man in wintry Southern Ontario had been making threats against his wife all through the day, so she left to seek safety.

She should've taken the dog. Her husband forced the wee fellow to stay in the back yard in sub-freezing weather. Come morning, it was frozen stiff in the harsh Ontario winter.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Corporal Chris Wilson said the dog was frozen with a look of worry on its face, in a twisted posture as if struggling to keep warm. The evil man's name is Shane Kubinchak, 38, may it live on in the records of iniquity. He was charged with two crimes, injury to an animal, and issuing threats.

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