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Even just looking at the faces of these two women, some little touch of evil seems to show from their eyes.

Rescued DoggyIn Greenland, New Hampshire, early in February, 2010, authorities rescued ten of twelve small dogs, mostly chihuahuas, from undescribably filthy conditions.

Two "Ultimate White Trash" women were charged with animal cruelty: Carol Jones, age 42, and her nineteen year old daughter, Breanna Martel. Martel was further charged with illegally passing off one of the dogs as a "service animal" dressing it in a service jacket with fake documentation printed off the web.

The women claimed they were not abusing the animals but were a rescue shelter. But fact was, they were not a liscensed shelter and were merely selling the dogs, which can't have been all that easily done when prospective buyers saw the dogs in such filth.

The carpet was covered in feces and the smell of amonia was rank in the air. Most of the dogs were kept in wire cages stacked one atop the other in the living room, so that they had to pee and crap on each other. Police called conditions "inhuman."

Fortunately life was about to get much better for the poor little blighters, and much worse for the crazed criminals who pretended they were doing the dogs big favors.

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