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This little puppy's name is Jonah. Ain't he a cute one? Imagine you naively got a puppy this cute from a puppymill. It took you a few days to realize it, but your sweet pup turns out to be blind! No refunds at puppymills. What to do? In September 2009 he was found abandoned in the bottle recycling area of a Boston Stop and Shop.

JonahThe wee orphan was taken to the Angell Animal Medical Center. He needed brain surgery for a life-threatening condition, hydrocephalus.

His head had become misshappen and he could barely walk. The photograph at the bottom of the page shows Jonah under sedation preparatory to surgery.

After recovering from his October operation, he was considered adoptable for someone willing to take on a special needs blind dog.

"He's battled on through every tough bit," noted his temporary caretaker Brian Adams of the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

At the right is a photo of Jonah immediately after brain surgery. Did you say "Awwww, poor thing?" He was a brave boy devoid of complaint.

He came through his initial surgery so well, there seemed to be every reason to suspect a long life ahead of Jonah. His plight had become an international news story, with loud hurrahs coming from all quarters of the world. He was in his permanent adoptive home in just a few weeks.

Alas in the first week of February, Jonah had an unexpected siezure in the middle of the night, and this led to his passing. But thanks to heroic measures attempted in his behalf, he experienced considerable love in his brief eight months of life, and revealed a spirited nature so much larger than his ill little body.

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