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Above) Here's California's notorious chihuahua hoarder Kimi Peck walking fearful Mango. She has done some great things to help chihuahuas but sad to say the good has to be compared to all the bad things which hoarders end up doing against the best interests of the dogs they purport to love.

Kimi's pretty good at getting publicity but had better publicity earlier in her mission to rescue chihuahuas. Nowadays just about every reporter to responds to her press releases soon discovers the dark side and reports that, too. Visit this website:

Save the Chihuahuas

for credible documentation of Kimi's doubtless well intended but insanely harmful activities. The site is maintained by ex-volunteers of Kimi's misguided efforts. Part of me wants people to get off her case, but that'd mean overlooking the needs of animals at certain risk. Read especially the site's sworn testimonies of vets, an ex landlord, and past volunteers reporting conditions and maltreatments of dogs such as boggle the imagination.

As a curious aside, and perhaps amusingly, on one of the many occasions Kimi's bills for dog food and the mortgage were far behind in payment, she attempted to rekindle her former screenwriting for a quick buck. The only work she could get was a 1997 porno screenplay for The Hunchback of Nasty Dames.

Below) Two more photos of Kimi Peck with chihuahuas. The photo on the right is of the very elderly Johnny, who was severely disfigured, and did get to live out a good life to age twenty-one thanks to Kimi making her one of her privileged few with continous care and affection.

But as she would typically be attempting to care for 250 chihuahuas more or less at multiple locations, most did not get proper care, and a veterinarian described the conditions as "despicable."

For a while, some of the reports seemed to indicate that Kimi, after continuous badgering from Kern County authorities, has lately gotten better at keeping employees (or volunteers) who are committed to making sure all the dogs are fed, cleaned, and watered. But then early in 2010 she seemed to have fallen into another, inevitable "bad patch," and got herself arrested with bail set at $40,000.

At best, though, she's invariably a nightmare to neighbors, and it seems always just a matter of time before she has another spell of emotional incapacity and dogs suffer. She continuously claims her remaining dogs are the ones that were feral or elderly or with special needs so that nobody wants them, but at the same time she keeps at bay other shelter resources that have offered to help whittle her hoarded collection.

As for Kimi's confession that many of the dogs are feral, from sworn testimony we know that dogs were typically tossed into small cages, never walked, barely interacted with, so of course some of them became wild.

Kimi Peck

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