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The topmost photo shows Heart-kun when grown, an amazingly beautiful longhair chihuahua even aside from the marvelously perfect and brown heart-shaped marking on his white fur. Held before him are his nephew Love-kun and his son Kokoro-chan (Sweetheart).

In the middle photo is Love-kun. The pups don't have quite such perfect hearts as does Heart-kun, but all Japan has been watching this chi-family to see if another Heart-kun does appear.

And around the world the search is ongoing for other dogs so-marked. They pop up here and there, in sundry breeds, but none have yet matched Heart-kun in perfection. One imperfect but nevertheless sweet imitator is Heartly, shown below.

Heartly was born in Tampa, Florida. Her owner thought she was totally unique, until she heard about Heart-kun in Japan. Similar chihuahuas, and other breeds, and even cats, have made their bid for the spotlight, but there is only one Heart-kun whose elegance and modelish good looks and poses make him awesome among all chihuahuas.


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